Baby Collection

Cynthia Brantley, creator of Lillie Orbeck, is an artist by trade who recently became a grandmother. She always used her talents to create special gifts for family and close friends, but was particularly inspired to do this by the birth of her first grandchild. Intent on making keepsakes for her granddaughter, Cynthia began working on numerous projects, including custom embroidered tees, portraits and matching quilted blanket and muff. Having already developed a line of silver cast jewelry, she decided to create some designs for baby spoons that were visually pleasing to babies as wall as utilitarian. The first design was a straight goose spoon and the response from family and friends was overwhelming. Working with her daughter, they decided to expand the spoons into a line. Because of their unique quality, Cynthia and her daughter felt that other parents, grandparents, and friends would appreciate these special gift that could become generational keepsakes.

The Lillie Orbeck Baby Collection is crafted not only to be a keepsake but to also be functional. Solid sterling silver gives the collection a weight that is carefully balanced during the sculpting process to make its use comfortable. Cynthia chooses animals that may not be traditionally seen in a baby collection, a Celtic dog or a camel, but that she feels naturally lend themselves to their forms. For example, the way a gooseneck delicately curves to make a cup handle or rattle makes an exquisite design. The collections are 3 dimensional and are meant to be enjoyed from all sides; the details do not limit themselves to one angle. Some sets include a spoon, fork, cup, rattle, or a pusher (traditionally a 19th Century piece used to push baby’s food either onto spoon or into one pile).