Lillie Orbeck

Lillie Orbeck is a company created by designer Cynthia Brantley. What started as a hobby, making one of a kind sterling silver mementos for her friends and relatives, gradually turned into a business. The quality craftsmanship applied to every unique piece creates a treasure that can proudly be passed down from generation to generation.

Lillie Orbeck’s designs are themed from things that are visually exciting to Cynthia. Natural objects play a large role in many of the collections: the way a leaf or twig delicately twists and turns or the subtle patterns of an eggshell. Multi-cultural influences are frequently used as part of her designs. African textiles, images from Celtic writings, and Indian tapestries are just a few of the sources that inspire the artist. These mixtures of ideas are beautifully combined to produce pieces that are not only functional but individual works of art. Fine details are never overlooked; they are what make Lillie Orbeck so special.